updated April 23rd, 2011

Information Page


    The Covenants which run with the land can be read by clicking this link "Recorded Covenants" If you are interested in purchasing property in the Valley, we suggest you study these covenants as they are strictly enforced. 

     A lot owner shall be on the premises of the Hidden Valley Fishing Club whenever they have a guest or family members using Hidden Valley Fishing Club amenities.

Speed Limit:
The speed limit in Hidden Valley, including the entrance roads, is 10 mph. We have children and adults who use the roads for walking and riding bikes, please be aware of your surroundings and the foot traffic as you drive around the Valley. Let's keep our Valley peaceful and slow paced.

Burn Pit:
Leaves, limbs, grass clippings, brush, etc. may be taken to the Burn Pit located behind lot #32. Only yard waste may be taken to the Burn Pit no trash please. The Burn Pit Committee will then burn the debris as weather conditions permit.
Please deposit your leaves, limbs, etc. into the pit provided, if left on the edge or in the road someone else will have to move it.

Trash Dumpster:
Lot Owners may use the dumpsters which are located near the back entrance to Hidden Valley.

We have two gated entrances. One is located off county road 380 and the other is located off of Route U in Cape Girardeau County.  The code or key card may be used to open these gates. Codes are changed every three months on the 21st, be sure to look at your quarterly bills for the new code.
The rule of our narrow roads is; if you are coming down the hill you  "pull over" for
the vehicles coming up the hill. Our speed limit is 10 mph on all roads, including the entrance roads.

Snow Removal:
Our roads can be very treacherous in the winter time. We do a limited amount of snow and ice removal on our roads due not only to the costs but also the ability to get someone to our remote location in a timely manner.

Our Water:
Our water is supplied by two wells which the Valley owns. We use a small water operator to do the testing required by DNR. And volunteers take care of the day to day maintenance such as chlorination According to "The Drinking Water Quality Report" our small water operator has pulled samples for over 660 test since 2005.
You can see Hidden Valleys' current Drinking Water Quality Report at this link;
Water Quality Report

Our Facilities:

Most of our maintenance is done by volunteers. In order to keep our dues low we must adhere to this practice. Please help us keep the Valley beautiful. If you see something that needs done, from cleaning the bath house, to weeding a flower bed, to dipping the debris from the pool don't wait for someone else to fix it, jump right in and help out.

Our By-Laws:
The Valley By-Laws are available by clicking this link "Hidden Valley Fishing Club By-Laws". 

School District:
Hidden Valley is located in the Jackson R-2 School District. The school bus has scheduled stops at both the Route U and County Road 380 entrances.


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